Egypt 2011: The Work-A-Day Egyptian

Tour Groups run you around what’s touristy. They do not go out of their way to help you get photos of, let alone become familiar with, the everyday, work-a-day Egyptian, who is none too familiar himself. But Egypt is not essentially the modern skyline and nightlife of Cairo or even the temples, tombs and monuments in and around Aswan and Luxor. Today’s work-a-day Egyptian descends from centuries of obscure people who tried and often failed to make a living along the Nile, who believed in the religious myths they created and the gods they worshiped in the temples, who obeyed the pharaohs and have stood bemused by visitors to their culture at least since Greek and Roman times. The temples remain the powerhouse of the divine which governed even the pharaohs and these people look at you as if to say, “so what’s so fascinating anyway”? These are the essential Egypt.

So here are the few I was blessed to get a photo of.

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