Egypt January 2011: Cruising the Nile

Our tour package included a ship for cruising the Nile named the Queen of Hansa. It provided a comfortable way, as you can see, for heading from the area of Aswan, Lake Nasser and the Egyptian Temples on the Island of Philae to the Temple at Luxor, about which more later.

The Ship has been renovated but is still in service
Air conditioned
A Felucca

Huge numbers of these sailboats, called Feluccas, cruise the Nile. You can charter one for more than a day but usually have to bring your own blanket and food.

The Nile is Unforgettable
In the Morning
At Sunset

More in the next post on shipboard activities.

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My life has had three phases: one as a Jesuit seminarian, recorded in my 2015 memoir (Unsuitable Treasure: An Ex-Jesuit Makes Peace with the Past, Oak Tree Press); another as a college teacher and scholar of 19th century British Literature, best recorded in Coleridge's Progress to Christianity: Experience and Authority in Religious Faith (Associated University Presses, 1995); and finally my current phase as a retiree given to social media posts and photo commentary on my travels with my wife, Mary.

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