Sicily 11: In the Snow at Mount Etna

Mount Etna is located on the east coast of Sicily between the cities of Messina and Catania (our next, and probably last stop on this blog tour).  The bus climb up to near the top of Etna was on a road ending at a ski area.  As you can see, the temperature had fallen considerably by the time we arrived there, the area being covered in snow whereas we had no snow anywhere else in Sicily at the time. Etna remains an active volcano, the latest eruption occurring in 2017 shortly after our tour of Sicily. (Etna is a good deal higher than Mount Vesuvius on the Gulf of Naples). We didn’t get much farther up than the ski area except for a short walk we took with others on our tour, as you can see, up through the snow.

My favorite story about Etna came as we returned back down the road, passing a convent of nuns.  During the last major eruption of Etna a large number of buildings were destroyed, but this convent survived with little or no damage.  Makes me wonder.



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