Sicily 10: If you have a job, why not enjoy it?

Though I was in Sicily for only a week, I observed a few differences between the cultures of Sicily and the United States.  This is a photo of our tour guide (on your right with his hand reaching out toward the camera). He appeared to me to enjoy our company and stay genuinely involved in the sites he was showing us, though he must have visited them God knows how many times.  Nevertheless he did not hesitate to bring a friend from one area we were visiting to have breakfast with us on a stay over, probably at our expense.

Many Americans I know do not believe they are doing their job well unless it makes them habitually miserable, even bored.  There is some Puritanical ethic at work beneath the surface here: if we stay miserable, especially at work, we have a chance to be saved while enjoying our work most likely indicates we are setting ourselves up for damnation. We have lots of trouble joining goodness with happiness.

Our tour guide had no such problem. He did a good job and at the same time enjoyed himself and so, I think, do many Sicilians.  Tney can laugh habitually, even at the political and social mess brought on by their ethical carelessness. They see no need to fear pleasure (notice the wine bottles behind them.)100_0381

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