Sicily 8: Segesta, Province of Trapani

Segesta is in the northwest section of the island of Sicily. A common story of its origins is that it was founded by Trojans who settled there after their lost war with the Greeks.  Segesta is the site of a famous Doric Temple, but we’ll get to that in my next post (Sicily 9).  Meanwhile here are some photos of our tour on the way to Segesta’s archeological sites, including our visit to a winery and at the100_0379lunch provided by our tour guides.100_0307100_0315100_0366100_0367

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My life has had three phases: one as a Jesuit seminarian, recorded in my 2015 memoir (Unsuitable Treasure: An Ex-Jesuit Makes Peace with the Past, Oak Tree Press); another as a college teacher and scholar of 19th century British Literature, best recorded in Coleridge's Progress to Christianity: Experience and Authority in Religious Faith (Associated University Presses, 1995); and finally my current phase as a retiree given to social media posts and photo commentary on my travels with my wife, Mary.

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