Sicily 5: From Monreale via Agrigento (and the Mediterranean) to Catania

The reason for stopping at specific towns and cities in Sicily is because each features one or more sites popular with tourists (the Cathedral of Monreale, for example, or the Greek temples at Agrigento). I found myself enjoying the Sicilian landscape in between the cities (the places to eat, drink, and shop along with the innumerable cats) as much if not more than the sites themselves. Here are some photos of how Mary and I spent the time away from our tour guide as well as with him, off the bus as well as on.

Sicilian coffee is good!
The image above us represents the Sicilian flag: a triangle to stand for the shape of the island and in the middle Medusa or Gorgon, a Greek god or goddess with a head full of snakes.
A cask of you know what.

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