Sicily 1: The Streets of Palermo

Sicily, located south of Italy, is nevertheless autonomously governed. Ill spent money due to the corrupting influence of the Mafia on government and vice versa is noticeable in some run down buildings, especially outside of town. Masterpieces of painting that have not been restored and hang loosely on crumbling church walls indicate similar corruption. And yet on the whole this huge island remains enchanting, especially for visitors who love wine, pasta, fish, music and religious observance that still thrives on public ceremony.

The ancient city of Palermo is Sicily’s capital, and I have decided to offer you some photos simply of its streets, with their outdoor marketing and restaurants. (In my next group of photos you will likewise notice outdoor wash unashamedly hanging from balconies.) The last photo here, taken by a friendly Sicilian passerby, is of me holding Mary’s bag while she shops for overpriced dresses in a fancy modern store, and doesn’t buy.

Lots of bustle and not enough room for both people and cars.