An Invitation From the Catholic Worker on Lehigh Avenue in Philadelphia

We were part of the Catholic Worker Women’s Pilgrimage to Rome to pray and vigil outside the Clergy Sexual Abuse Summit at the Vatican in February. We would like to share a bit about that trip.

We came back on fire  to continue the efforts towards Church reform.

Our T-shirts carried this message for the Pope and Bishops:

Speak Truth to Power 

Catholic Worker Women’s Pilgrimage

An end to sexual abuse and the violence of clericalism.

Justice for survivors.

Equality for women in ministry.

Truth, reconciliation and healing for the whole Church.

Since the Summit we have had many conversations with volunteers and friends who have expressed concern, confusion  and anger about the Church. It seems many have left the church, some are staying but are not happy, and others are working toward reform.

One commonality is the yearning for spirituality, liturgy and community.

We would like to have a conversation to hear everyone’s voices.

We hope this conversation will be the beginning of an ongoing discussion and community building.

If you are interested in being part of ongoing liturgies please let us know which evenings are best for you.

Please share this email widely.

If you can’t make it on the 8th, feel free to email us with your concerns and ideas.

With Peace and blessings,

Mary Beth and Johanna

House of Grace Catholic Worker

1826 E Lehigh Ave

 Philadelphia PA 19125


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