Antoni Gaudi’s Barcelona Church: Sagrada Familia (The Exterior)

Gaudi was a modernist Spanish architect with a one of a kind style, and his various works are popular tourist sites all around Barcelona.  None is more visited, however, than his still incomplete magnum opus, Sagrada Familia. Gaudi drew his inspiration from geometrical forms he found in nature, but his main architectural inspiration was the medieval Gothic.

It fascinated me to compare my experience of the 14th century church of Santa Maria del Mar (see my previous post) with the way I felt both outside and inside Sagrada Familia.  While I’m fond of Gothic architecture, as a modern person I find Gothic churches less religiously inspirational than this one begun by Gaudi.  I feel at home here partly, perhaps, because Gaudi’s church still incomplete, though subsequent architects have worked hard to complete it. (The last photo is of what it is supposed to look like finally.100_2586100_2588100_2590100_2597 That the church is still fragmentary makes it fit with my experience of modern life.  Here are some pictures of the exterior, to be followed soon by what is to me the church’s even more impressive interior.

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My life has had three phases: one as a Jesuit seminarian, recorded in my 2015 memoir (Unsuitable Treasure: An Ex-Jesuit Makes Peace with the Past, Oak Tree Press); another as a college teacher and scholar of 19th century British Literature, best recorded in Coleridge's Progress to Christianity: Experience and Authority in Religious Faith (Associated University Presses, 1995); and finally my current phase as a retiree given to social media posts and photo commentary on my travels with my wife, Mary.

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