Second Honeymoon

I left the Jesuits in June, 1965 and married in November, 1967.  Though I taught English at Saint Joseph’s University (then College) in Philadelphia from September, ’65 to July, ’66 Mary and I had so little money that the most we could afford was a down payment on a VW bug.  So my mother generously gave us a week long honeymoon package to Bermuda.

When we reached our 45th wedding anniversary in 20011 we decided to return to Bermuda on the Norwegian Cruise Line in case we didn’t make it to our 50th.  (This year we’ll celebrate our 52nd.)  Here are some photos from that second honeymoon.

The first discovery we made  on the 2011 honeymoon was that tourism, especially honeymoon tourism, was no longer the basis for the Bermuda economy.  Rather the island has become a haven for international companies looking to take advantage of generous tax breaks to establish headquarters there. The romance had not left our marriage, but it had left Bermuda. You could still take a tour boat around Hamilton Harbor (and gasp at the home of Michael Douglas, which he hardly ever used anymore), but no more rum-swizzle harbor tours with other honeymooning couples).

The first photos are of our leaving New York City on The Norwegian Gem. The beauty of traveling a lot is learning to appreciate how much we have at home. Remaining photos are of us on the ship and of the ship docking in Bermuda.DSC04211DSC04214DSC04245DSC04252DSC04270

Next Up: Second Honeymoon 2


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