The Streets of Safed, Photos 2

Notice the narrowness of Safed’s streets. Also the windows and doors painted blue that derive from the Kabbalah, which is a form of Jewish mysticism and religious discipline that goes back to the 2nd century, C E and was reinforced here in the Middle Ages by Jews returning to the area of Safed inIsrael 466Israel 468Israel 469Israel 474Israel 494 flight from the Spanish Inquisition.  Blue is intended to confuse the evil spirits.

The Ancient Galilean City of Safed, Israel: A Series of Photos from our 2009 Visit, 1

The first thing you notice about Safed is its elevation (3000 feet), which makes it the highest city in Israel. Safed overlooks both the city of Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee.  It is still regarded, along with Jerusalem, as one of Israel’s “holy cities” for reasons you shall see as you make your way through the succession of photos of Safed that will follow this one.Israel 481Israel 500