Northern Israel: Haifa

Haifa is on the road north from Tel Aviv through Caesarea to the Israeli-Lebanon border.  The first photo here is of the Port of Haifa and the second of the Louis Promenade (King Louis of France was one of the medieval Crusaders who led expeditions designed, at least ostensibly, to retrieve the Holy Land from Islam). The view from the promenade is breathtaking. Northern Israel is also the site of Mount Carmel, associated with Elijah in the Jewish testament, and Haifa University.

The 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah, an Islamist militant group based in Lebanon, resulted in countless casualties, and in a sense that war continues now with the tunnels built by Hezbollah and the Israeli efforts to wall them up.

The last photo is of our tour bus. Next stop in these blog posts:Israel 413Israel 417Israel 418 Nazareth.